A Conversation about Photography, Techniques and Gear
Episode 13, An Interview with Frans Lanting

Frans Lanting talks about the environment, telling stories with pictures, and his current work.

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Episode 12, Sausalito Art Festival Judge Alla Tsank Talks Photography

Sausalito Art Festival Judge of Photography and Painting Alla Tsank talks about Photography and what it takes to be a fine art photographer competiting to enter the top tier of Art Festivals in the US. She discusses what she believes are the basics for any artist to gain recognition and attention. A must listen for any photographer interested in pursuing fine art photography.

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Episode 11, Interview with "Best in Show Photographer from Sausalito Art Festival

Cali Hobgood-Lemme talks about her photography, inspiration, and what it means to win "Best in Show" for overall as well as photography at the 2010 Sausalito Art Festival. She discusses her thought process as well as her work flow in creating these award winning images. Inspirational for all photographers regardless of your success.

Episode 10, Computers, Cameras, Photoshop and a Great Gear Sale

Bill Henderson and Nate Donovan talk Apple Computers, Small Cameras, Photoshop and a Great Sale at REI

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Episode 9 IPAD Part 2

Nate and Bill talk about the IPAD and the application for photographers in Episode 9 of Hold The Eye Images.

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Episode 8, Expose, New HDR Software From Unified Color

John Omvik, Director Marketing for Unified Color discusses the new HDR software "Expose" just launched July 12th, today. In this conversation, John talks about the advantages of Expose and the special introductory offer.

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Episode 7, The Ipad and Photography

Nate Donovan and I discuss the Ipad and its many uses in photography.

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Episode 6, Ten Must Have Items For Every Camera Bag

Bill Henderson(HoldTheEyeImages.com)and Nate Donovan(Donovanphotography.net) discuss the ten items that always must be in their camera bags.

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Hold The Eye Images Episode 5, Travel Tips from Bill Henderson and Nate Donovan

Bill Henderson and Nate Donovan discuss gear, how too's , and useful tips for traveling and taking pictures.

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Episode 4, An interview with Photographer/Teacher Nate Donovan

A discussion with Nate Donovan a well known photographer, photoshop instructor, photography teacher, in the San Francisco Bay area. We cover CS5, keeping track of your photos, and upcoming workshops.

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Episode 3, The World's Greatest Photography Vest
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Episode 3, The World's Greatest Photography Vest

An interview with John Storrie of The Vested Interest discussing their custom made photography vests, materials, construction, and design.

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Hot New HDR Software, PhotoStudio by Unified Color, Get the Scoop

An interview with Unified Color CEO/Founder Alfred Zee and his Marketing Director John Omvik. They discuss PhotoStudio the hot new HDR software that's storming the Photography World.

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Interview With Landscape Photographer William Neill

An indepth interview with landscape photographer William Neill at his stuido in Oakhurst California outside Yosemite National Park.

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