A Conversation about Photography, Techniques and Gear

Bill Henderson of Hold the Eye Images gives ideas for the photographer in your life. The gifts range from relatively expensive to inexpensive, cameras to books, software to apparel.

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Hold the Eye Images Photographer Bill Henderson gives tips on gear and packing for a photo Safari.

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John Garcia traces his life from hearing his first guitar riff in the 8th grade, to touring with John Lee Hooker. Talks about his love of music and the interesting travels and experiences along the way.

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Doug Landreth is a highly successful artistic photographer who blends images to create the emotion of a landscape, street scene, or a feeling about a particular location. He is a first time artist at the highly sought after Sausalito Art Festival. In this interview, Doug talks with Hold the Eye Images Bill Henderson about his image making, inspirations, and use of photoshop in creating these unusual art pieces. See Doug's work at http://www.douglandreth.com.

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Bill and Julie Kitzenberger talk with Dan and Andra Erickson about their Cowboy Photography Workshop just outside Yosemite National Park, in the Sierra Mountains. Wonderful photographic opportunity capturing unique images, in a setting deep in culture and a history dating back to the 1870's when the family first came to this area as cattle ranchers.

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Frans Lanting and Bill Henderson talk about the Maasi Mara with a group of photographers and wildlife enthusiasts who have just finished their Frans Lanting Safari.

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Following Rwanda, the Frans Lanting party journeyed to Samburu Kenya. Staying at the Elephant Watch Camp with founder Oria Douglas-Hamilton is a unique experience. Perched on a River, the setting is full of wildlife, unique food, and friendly articulate Samburu Warriors. Oria's husband is Iain Douglas-Hamilton, founder of Save the Elephants, a lifelong journey to save these wonderful animals.

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Frans Lanting talks about his Safari to Rwanda and Kenya with host Bill Henderson.

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Bill Henderson and John Omvik discuss the photo gear for a trip to Africa.

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Bill and John talk about getting ready to go to Rwanda and Kenya.

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Bill Henderson and John Omvik talk about Hold the Eye Images Worhshop's newly announced ten workshops.

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John Omvik interviews Bill Henderson, Founder of Hold the Eye Images.

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John Omvik joins Hold the Eye Images as a Founding Photographer. In this interview John talks about himself his photographic journey and his experience within the photo industry.

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Award Winning  Photographer Nancy Coleman talks about her photography, how she builds her fine art prints, and the creative process she goes through in being inspired. Nancy has become a founding photographer at Hold the Eye Images Workshops and her classes will be posted shortly.

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Rick E. Martin talks about photography and his new workshop at Hold the Eye Images Workshops

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Mike Spinak talks about wildlife photography with Bill Henderson founder of Hold the Eye Images Inc.

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Virginia Becker talks about The Family Project Album, her personal effort to provide family portraits to people across California. Virginia is traveling across California taking portraits at no cost, providing free 5X7 portraits.

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