A Conversation about Photography, Techniques and Gear

Hal Schmitt talks about Light Photographic Workshops, his Top Gun experience, and experience of training at LPW.

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Brian Tramontana and Bill Henderson discuss the idea of only having one lens, what it means, and what would you shoot.

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Brian Tramonatana and Bill Henderson talk photographing people, tips, techniques, and lenses in this latest podcast.

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John Garcia talks about his days of leard guitar with the John Lee Hooker Band, the musicians he has played with, and growing up playing the blues.

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Brian and Bill talk about what to get that special photographer in your life for Valentine's Day.

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Brian talks with Bill about working as a professional photographer for Xerox and his days with film at Brooks Institute as a student. Both discuss the impact of the changes that have occurred.

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Evan Thomas a regular at the Grand Dell Jam talks about his music, its origins, the Grand Dell Jam, and being a performer.

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An interview with Blues musician Kid Andersen as he talks about his early beginnings, influences, and music with Bill Henderson of Hold the Eye Images Studio.

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Bill Henderson and Brian Tramontana talk about which Tripod to buy, types of heads to use, and when to use them.

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